Working at the CCRI

Working at the CCRI

In a world that is growing and evolving every day, CCRI strives to improve treatment for children and adolescents with cancer by bringing together translational and clinical research with open-minded exploration of basic disease mechanisms.

Our innovation springs from a team of individuals, each collaborating and contributing their own perspectives, knowledge and experience to advance the way we do research.

The institute

The CCRI is an internationally renowned biomedical research institute, dedicated to the advancement of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment for children’s cancer. To reach excellence, we work closely with external institutions like the Medical University of Vienna, CeMM, IMBA and IMP.

Excellent location

We are located in the 9th district in Vienna, the world’s most livable city and one of Europe’s most important places for biomedical research and life sciences. We are located very close to the city center and are easy to reach by public transport.


As a researcher, it is important to keep your knowledge up to date and share your insights with your colleagues. We have 2 internal seminars every Wednesday where you can learn from each other and get an update how the research of your colleagues is going. You will also have the possibility to share your own successes in such seminars twice a year. Furthermore, the institute is widely known for its symposia and international speakers.


Learning & development

At CCRI, you have several possibilities to broaden your knowledge. Working closely with your colleagues within the institute but also having close connections to external institutes are a great possibility for you.

Discounted lunch

In our canteen, you will find 3 different menus you can choose from every day. The institute subsidizes your lunch so you only have to pay a small amount for a good and healthy lunch.

Fruit basket

Twice a week, you can get your daily dose of vitamins wot the provided fruit basket to give your body and mind clarity and energy for the day.

Company events

We love to have fun and celebrate successes together. This is why we invite all employees to our annual Christmas Party at the end of the year. On top of that there are also several other events during the year.