Fikret Rifatbegovic

Dr. Fikret Rifatbegovic (PhD)

I studied Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna. I obtained my PhD in Malignant Diseases at the Medical University of Vienna while I was doing the practical part in the Tumour Biology group at the CCRI. My main interest was the characterization of the biology of Disseminated Tumour Cells (DTCs) found in the bone marrows of high-risk neuroblastomas. I found my main motivation for that project in the fact that the majority of high-risk neuroblastoma patients present with metastases in the bone marrow already at diagnosis and that the patients who are not cleared from DTCs during the multimodal treatment usually suffer from a poor outcome. I continued with a postdoc and am now staff scientist in the diagnostic team for solid childhood cancers at the CCRI. The DTCs are still one of my main occupations, since we are routinely screening for those cells in bone marrows. In addition, I am supporting ongoing research projects that involve DTCs.

E-mail: fikret.rifatbegovic(at)

Staff scientist at Sabine Taschner-Mandl´s Group