Donya Esmaeiligoudarzi

Donya Esmaeiligoudarzi (MSc)

I started my academic study as bachelor student in Genetics at the University of Tonekabon, Iran. As a biologist, I have a great interest to gain knowledge in different fields of biology; therefore, I decided to study Microbiology for my first master degree at the same University. I am currently studying Molecular Biology with a focus on molecular medicine as master student at University of Vienna. Cancer research and pharmacogenomics research are my main area of interes. I joined the Tumour Biology group at St. Anna Children Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) on October 2020 for my master thesis. The aim of my project is to identify novel therapeutic vulnerabilities for high-risk neuroblastoma patients. During my thesis, I will work on two approaches, a whole genome CRISPR-knockout screen and high throughput drug screen on patient derived neuroblastoma cell lines.

E-mail: donya.esmaeiligoudarzi(at), master student at Sabine Taschner-Mandl´s Group.