Project Coordinator:

Dr. Eva König, Children´s Cancer Research Institute/Tumor Immunoediting

Project artists:
ART: Ruth Mateus-Berr
DESIGN: Christina Carli
MUSIC: Franz Reisecker
FASHION DESIGN: Romana Zöchling

Project Scientists:
Eva König
Heinrich Kovar
Sabine Taschner-Mandl
Eleni Tomazou

Project Abstract: The scientific work of the St. Anna Children´s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI) is to be made comprehensible and graspable through a dialog between science and art, in close interaction with the general public. A specially designed radio format contributes to essential high level dissemination. The starting point are four scientific reference projects currently running at CCRI and funded by the FWF. These are to be brought closer to artists from the four different disciplines art, music, design and fashion design. Science is to be transformed to art and presented in the respective genre. A broad audience will be involved in this interaction, thus forming an active trialog. Various artistic interaction methods will be applied, which each artist will use specifically for the respective PopUp lab-setting and location: e.g.: in a coffee house, shopping street, school, etc.. In this way, the complex scientific content can be experienced in an artistic process and the viewers are involved in the creation on site. In a radio series, artists and researchers enter the moderated public trialogue together with guests. The documented workflow and the various artistic interactions and translations are made public via various channels (website, streams, pics, exhibition and radio). This so far at CCRI unprecedented connection between art and science in dialogue (trialogue with the public) serves to produce tangible and audible translations of scientific content. Highly complex research work is transformed into understandable and novel formats that are interactively designed together with the general public. This transformation from science to art can be followed by the viewer/listener in the long run and binds the audience sustainably to this process of creation.

Funded by the science communication program of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF )
Duration: 01.05.2020 – 31.12.2021

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