Research Groups

Find out more about the individual Principal Investigators that lead the scientific staff of CCRI and their respective research focuses.

Core Facilities

The CCRI offers four Core Units to support its researchers and to provide external services: FACS Core Unit (René Geyeregger Group), Zebrafish platform Austria for Preclinical Drug Screening (ZANDR, Martin Distel Group), Bioinformatics Unit and Quality Management Unit.


The Research Support Office (RSO) team at CCRI provides constant assistance to its researchers and collaborators in generating high-quality proposals and grant acquisition.


The CCRI has successfully managed to establish a wide network consisting of national and international partners collaborating with our scientists and clinicians at the St. Anna Children’s hospital.


Consult through a customized search all scientific publications arising from work performed at CCRI or in collaboration with external researchers.

Scientific Reports

The CCRI Scientific Reports document our research activities, major achievements and facts and figures during the past few years.