Prof. Wolfgang Holter, MD

Prof. Wolfgang Holter, MD

Director of the Institute

Email: Wolfgang.Holter(at)
Tel.: +43 1 40470 1250

Assoc. Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD

Assoc. Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD

Scientific Director


Mag. Caroline Stremnitzer, PhD
Executive Assistant
Email: caroline.stremnitzer(at)
Tel: +43 1 40470 4091

Jörg Bürger, MSc, MBA

Jörg Bürger, MSc, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Email: joerg.buerger(at)


Theresa Kröswagn, BSc
Executive Assistant
Email: theresa.kroeswagn(at)
Tel: +43 40470 4440

CCRI's Secretariat

Mag. Marion Zavadil, MA
Email: office(at)
Tel.: +43 1 40470 4090

Research Group Leaders

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Arndt Borkhardt, Department of Paediatric Oncology, Haematology and Clinical Immunology, University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Debatin, Director of the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Ulm University Medical Center, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Shai Izraeli, Director of the Department of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Schneider Hospital, Israel
  • Prof. Dr. Mirjam v.d. Burg, Laboratory for Immunology, Department of Pediatrics, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands


Human Resource Management

  • Martina Teufner, MA (Head)
  • Caroline Schmid
  • Jennifer Horvath
  • Agata Staniak, MA

If you have any questions, please contact us at hr(at)


Legal Counsel 


Finance, Accounting & Controlling

  • Mag. Amelie Szalony (Head)
  • Alexandra Lidy
  • (Yvonne Schnetzinger, MA, maternity leave)
  • Anita Polgari, BA
  • Victoria Bauer


Quality Management

  • Beate Avanessian, MSc
  • Mag. Sandra Ehrenhofer-Weinzettl
  • Noemi Justic, MA


Facility management

  • Klaus Kienzer
  • Lukas Voglmüller
  • Ferdinand Knierim
  • Daniel Dworak


Research Management Office

  • Nuno Andrade, PhD, MBA (Head & International grants)
  • Caterina Barresi, PhD, PMP (National grants)
  • Zoltán Dobai, MSc (National and international grants)
  • Joao Manuel Rodrigues Frade, PhD (CLOSER and Instand-NGS4P project)
  • DI (FH) Martin Schalling, MSc
  • Vanessa Düster, MSc
  • Adriana Planinic, PhD


IT service facility

  • DI (FH) Ingomar Schmickl (Head)
  • David Obradovic
  • Ing. Dominik Achleitner, MSc, MA


Donations Department

  • Lisa Huto (Head)
  • Mag. Andrea Prantl
  • Mag. Elisabeth Tax
  • Mag. (FH) Bettina Nistler
  • Anja Gubits
  • Reinhard Orense, MA
  • Vanessa Wally

Science Communication, PR & Marketing

  • Lisa Huto (Head)
  • Assoc. Prof. Barbara Brunmair, PhD (science communication)
  • Mag. Anna Egger (science communication)