BOKU Talent and Best Paper Award for Charlotte Zajc!

Charlotte Zajc, PhD, is honored with two BOKU Awards handed over by Prof. DI Dr. DDr.h.c. Hubert Hasenauer, Rector of the BOKU Vienna. (c) Christoph Gruber/Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

(Vienna, 14.10.2021) CONGRATULATIONS to Charlotte Zajc, PhD, who is honored twice! The scientist from our Christian Doppler (CD) Laboratory for Next Generation CAR T cells receives the BOKU Talent Award and the BOKU Best Paper Award from the City of Vienna Jubilee Funds.

During her PhD studies, Charlotte Zajc designed a molecular ON-switch for CAR T cells in order to control their anti-cancer activity and to reduce the risk of CAR T cells attacking healthy tissue. Her PhD thesis and the resulting publication are honored with the BOKU Best Paper Award and the BOKU Talent Award respectively.

Award winning publication >>

Zajc et al., A conformation-specific ON-switch for controlling CAR T cells with an orally available drug. PNAS 2020. 

About Charlotte Zajc

Charlotte Zajc, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the CD Laboratory for Next Generation CAR T cells (head: Manfred Lehner, PhD). She is working in the CD lab’s external module, headed by DI Dr. Michael Traxlmayr, at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU, Vienna). Her research focuses on improving the safety of CAR T cell therapies. Charlotte Zajc develops molecular tools by the use of protein engineering to better control CAR T cells, e.g. by switching the function of their CARs on and off.
Charlotte Zajc studied medical biotechnology at the BOKU University in Vienna. She pursued her Master and PhD thesis at St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute under the supervision of Manfred Lehner. As a Visiting Researcher, Charlotte Zajc spent six months at the Stanford University School of Medicine.
Recently, Charlotte Zajc won the first place at the Life Science Research Awards Austria 2021 in the category Excellence and Societal Impact. Furthermore, she has received the BOKU Invention of the Year Award in 2020 and the doctoral program´s BioToP Students Award in 2019.