Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2021 - St. Anna CCRI under the sign of the gold ribbon

(Vienna, 01.09.2021) With our research, we aim to strike childhood cancer at its roots. In Austria, about 200 children and 100 adolescents are diagnosed with cancer each year. Thanks to research and the resulting major advances in treatment, 85% of affected children and adolescents are cured. However, about 30 children and 15 adolescents still die of cancer each year (Statistik Austria 2021). Since 1988, St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute has worked to improve diagnosis and outcomes through cutting-edge research and we will not stop until no child dies from cancer anymore.

This September, we want to raise your awareness about three significant childhood cancers that kids have to fight against. Our experts share their research experiences, their successes, and what remains to be done in the future.

Also note a recent press release on a scientific publication in which bone marrow metastases in high risk neuroblastoma were analyzed cell by cell for the very first time.

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Week 1: Cell by cell analysis of bone marrow metastasis, paper from Lazic et al. Cancers 2021

Week 2: Neuroblastoma, Prof. Ruth Ladenstein, MD

Week 3: Pediatric Leukemia,  Davide Seruggia, PhD

Week 4: Ewing Sarcoma, Prof. Heinrich Kovar, PhD